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Water Tanks
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Details for Water Tanks


60 litre Tank that fits as a wedge shape behind the rear seat and fixes to the rear seat hold down latch bolts. Tank is supplied with a ¼ turn ball valve for gravity drain and has a 1½" BSP filler on the top of the tank.

73 litre Tank that fits forward of the rear axle on the right hand side of the rear drive shaft. This tank fills from under the bonnet via a ½" hose used for air vent to facilitate fast filling. Tank is supplied with a caravan type hand pump.


68 litre Tank that fits as a wedge shape behind the rear seat and fixes to the luggage retaining hook points.

63 litre Tank that fits over the right hand rear wheel arch and comes to window height with provision to be used with a Milford cargo barrier. This tank mounts to the rear wheel arch and requires the right hand rear dickey seat to be removed.

39 litre Tank fits underneath the vehicle on the left hand side between the side step and the chassis rail, with the filler for this tank being mounted under the bonnet. (NB this tank will not fit early 3F 80 Series and will not fit with some chassis rail mounted side rails).

All of these Water Tanks are constructed from 2mm 304 grade stainless steel and come with a 40mm filler cap and a ¼ turn ball valve for a gravity drain of the tank.

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