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Tyrepliers - Auto Bead Breaker & Complete Tyre Repair Kits
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Details for Tyrepliers - Auto Bead Breaker & Complete Tyre Repair Kits

The Tyrepliers bead breaker is suitable for use on all 13-19” rims (alloy and steel) - both safety and split type rims. Tyrepliers works directly on the bead of the tyre and will not damage the tyre if used correctly. The tool weighs only 2.7 kilograms, is compact enough to be easily stored in a vehicle or a tool kit and is easily transported.

The tyre levers are 19mm in diameter; are manufactured from high grade BHP steel, are hot forged and heat treated. The levers are forged on one end only as the other end, being 19mm in diameter, fits truck and four wheel drive wheel braces and truck load binders. This gives the lever the dual purpose of being able to be used as a universal bar. The lever is extremely strong and will not bend under normal use. The levers are zinc plated and then finished with a zinc blue.

The Second lever is forged both ends to allow removal and refitting of tyres. The spoon end of the lever is designed to remove the tyre whilst the hooked end is specifically designed to re-fit the tyre to the rim. The design of the re-fitting end prevents the tyre from creeping up the lever which can hinder the tyre going back over the rim. This is a real advantage when re-fitting the tyre, and makes the whole job much easier.

From there you can repair your tyre with a 'Comprehensive Puncture Repair Kit for Tube & Tubeless Tyres (Motor Vehicle)' which contains:

  • Tyre Repairs Made Easy instruction manual
  • 1 Tubeless Repair Kit
  • 12 Tube Patches
  • 1 Radial Patch
  • 1 Uni Patch
  • 1 Tube Vulcanising Cement
  • 1 Rasp/Stitcher
  • 1 Snap-in Tubeless Valve
  • 1 3-way Value Tool
  • 3 Short Core Valve Caps
  • 3 Slotted Metal Valve Caps

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Complete Tyrepliers Tyre Repair Kit (K100)
  • Tyrepliers Bead Breaker
  • 2x 600mm long (19mm diameter) Tyre Levers
  • Comprehensive Puncture Repair Kit for Tube & Tubeless Tyres

Tyrepliers 13-19" Tyre Bead Breaker (BB100)
  • Tyrepliers Bead Breaker

Tyrepliers ATV 4-19" Tyre Bead Breaker (BB100ATV)
  • Tyrepliers ATV Bead Breaker

Tyrepliers Pair of 600mm Tyrepliers Levers (LEV103)
  • 1x 19mm in diameter, forged on one end
  • 1x 19mm in diameter, forged at both ends

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