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Types of Awnings or Annexes

Two main types of awnings are available:

This type of awning is permanently fixed to the holiday vehicle. Once on the site of your choice, the awning is simply rolled out from the vehicle and secured. The awning is secured by aluminium supports that attach to points on the vehicle. As the supports are part of the awning, they fold away when travelling. Rollout awnings can be erected quickly and easily and can be designed for any vehicle. They are by far the most popular type of awning used - especially on campervans and motorhomes. To convert the awning into an annexe, detachable walls can be added. These can be either screen walls or full canvas walls.

An awning or annexe of this type is attached to the vehicle once on site. The attachment is by a rope sewn in the side of the roof section. This is threaded through an aluminium section permanently attached to the vehicle. The roof is then raised by poles which are secured by tent ropes to create the awning. Specially designed walls or screens can then be secured around the roof to form an annexe. This creates a large living area that is great for extended family holidays.


The following hints will help you maintain your annexe or awning in top condition:
  • Clean your awning or annexe with fresh water and a soft brush.
  • If using a rollout awning, ensure the metal supports are cleaned and no blockage is present in the metal tracks.
  • Never use detergents or soaps when cleaning.
  • Dry your annexe thoroughly before storing for prolonged periods.
  • Store the annexe in a well ventilated area, but not on concrete.
  • If you pack up in the rain, an awning or annexe can be left for a few days with no adverse effect on the canvas.

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