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Smart Bar - An alternative to bull and nudge bars
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Details for Smart Bar - An alternative to bull and nudge bars


Manufactured from polyethylene, and designed with a hollow internal structure that provides a cushioning effect, smartbar absorbs impact and minimises the forces that cause damage and injury. Significantly the design and material used mean that smartbar not only exhibits superior deformation and deceleration properties – it also springs back into its original shape in all but the most extreme impacts.


Child head-form impact tests conducted by independent authorities show smartbar to be clearly safer than conventional steel and aluminium bullbars ... and, in some cases, to actually perform better than the standard vehicle.

With current concerns about pedestrian safety, and continuing media coverage, it’s reassuring to know that your decision to fit smartbar could save a life.

Pedestrians aren’t the only ones to enjoy smartbar’s safety benefits though. Because smartbar absorbs impact more efficiently than metal bars there is less likelihood of injury to vehicle occupants – an important OHS concern
for fleet operators.


Fitting a better bullbar doesn’t mean spending more money.

Compared to the cost of most aluminium bars smartbar offers an immediate saving, and while some steel bars may initially be cheaper fitting a smartbar soon pays back the investment.

Being lighter than metal bars smartbar means both lower fuel consumption and reduced front-end tyre and suspension wear ... plus, of course, the vehicle can carry more load.

Most importantly of all however, smartbar’s unique ability to effectively absorb impacts and bounce back in to shape means not only a big reduction in crash damage but a long service life and none of the downtime and expense of replacing damaged metal bars.


Fitting smartbar is an easy decision to make. With superior safety, reduced costs, and a proven performance record, smartbar is the smart choice for every government, commercial, fleet or private vehicle that needs to be fitted with a bullbar.

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