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Recovery Gear Accessories
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Details for Recovery Gear Accessories

Drag Chains
The Drag Chain is used to drag fallen trees and logs off 4WD tracks. It is also handy for 4WD vehicle recovery, farm use and commercial applications.

Drag chains are generally 5 metres in length, have 8mm thick links coupled with a lug link at one end and a grab hook at the other. They are plated to prevent rust and can be kept in a small plastic bucket or in a Recovery Kit bag.

Every 4WD owner should carry a drag chain in heavy conditions. They will last a lifetime (if not lent to mates!) and have absolutely unlimited uses.

Snatch-um Straps
The most popular 4WD recovery device, this is a 9 metre (30 ft) strap made of special nylon woven webbing to allow stretch (of up to 20%) when used between a stuck vehicle and one towing it out of the bog or creek etc.

The snatch strap should be fixed to the vehicles using rated bow or ‘D’ shackles and approximately 2-4 metres of slack lying on the ground before the owing vehicle accelerates away in low range. The inertia exerted will perform the effect of snatching the stuck vehicle out of the mud etc.

Care must be taken at all times. Ensure no persons are between the two vehicles and that the shackles are properly located to the vehicle’s chassis. Only rated shackles should be used and the strap should not be fixed to tow balls, bull bars or other ancillary items.

Follow the instructions carefully and if a first time 4WD owner, contact our specialists under 4WD TRAINING WORLD for proper training in 4WD recovery equipment.

Snatch-Um Straps make an ideal gift idea for the 4WD owner.

Rated Shackles
4WD owners doing vehicle recovery should use properly rated shackles at all times.

The shackles can be either normal ‘D’ style or ‘Bow’ design. They will be stamped with a rating of minimum 3.2 tonne which relates to the safe working load (SWL).

A minimum of three units should be in any 4WD recovery kit and the units are used to attach recovery devices (snatch straps, winch straps, winch cables, etc) to the vehicle’s chassis (not to bull bars).

Shackles are normally zinc plated to prevent rust and should be done up finger tight. They can be used in many ways for vehicle recovery and are a very important part of any 4WD recovery kit.

As with all 4WD recovery equipment, we recommend strongly that all 4WD owners be instructed by a training expert listed under 4WD TRAINING WORLD to ensure safety and benefits of recovery equipment are maximised.

Pulley Blocks
All 4WDs doing genuine four wheel driving should carry either a manual winch or an electric winch. At 4WD WORLD we believe a manual winch is a ‘necessity’ and the electric as a ‘luxury’ (except in commercial/ agricultural areas.

A pulley block halves the effort required and doubles the pulling (or winching) capacity making the task both easier and safer. With electric winches, pulley blocks enable better gearing (and therefore increased winching / pulling power).

With manual winches, a pulley block halves the physical effort, making it invaluable. We recommend a winching strap (ie winch extension strap) be used to gain the length required to the nearest tree, vehicles or fence post etc.

Pulley Blocks should be greaseable (via a grease nipple) and of heavy duty manufacture. They can be attached to an anchor point using a rated shackle plus a tree trunk protector, winch strap, drag chain or similar safe recovery device.

Winch Extension Straps
An alternative to chain, these are a heavy duty 50mm terylene webbing strap with looped reinforced ends. They are used where a winch rope is not long enough and/or the anchor point is too far away. They are rated at 8 tonne capacity and are Australian made.

Winch Straps are available in different lengths, popular ones being:

  • 10 metres
  • 20 metres
  • 30 metres

They can be used ‘single line’ or doubled/tripled up where length allows. They also perform as a Tree Trunk protector by not cutting into the bark on trees being used as anchor points.

They can be used in emergencies for:

  • Towing broken down 4WDs
  • Pulling trees/logs off tracks
  • Tying cargo onto roof racks etc.

Winch straps can be stowed in a Recovery Kit bag and should not be used near sharp objects. They are a must in any 4WD owner’s recovery kit. Your 4WD TRAINING WORLD specialist can advise and train you on applications and uses for these and other 4WD recovery items.

Check out our specialists under 4WD TRAINING WORLD.

Tree Truck Protector
These popular items are generally 3 or 4 metres in length and 75mm wide. They are designed to be used when using a tree as an anchor point for manual or electric winching.

Manufactured from non stretch terylene, they are a must in any 4WD Recovery Kit They have reinforced looped ends and can be used with rated shackles to connect to other recovery gear items, ie Winch, Drag Chain, Winch Strap etc.

Another ideal gift idea, available from 4WD WORLD outlets.

This canvas product has the correct number of pockets and loops for the storage of your 4WD kit. It houses your –

  • Snatch-um Sstrap
  • Winch Strap (we recommend 20 metre)
  • 3 Rated Bow Shackles
  • Pulley Block
  • Tree Trunk Protector
  • Pair Leather Gloves
  • Other Small Items

Quick release catches aid the bag’s operation and allow easy access to the stored items. Check them out at your nearest 4WD ACCESSORY WORLD outlet.

An ideal gift idea for every 4WD owner!

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