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Nissan Coil Cab Patrol Air Bag Suspension
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Details for Nissan Coil Cab Patrol Air Bag Suspension

This kit by Airbag Man is ideal for heavily loaded coil cab Nissan Utes.

It utilizes:
  • Firestone Air Bags (Bellows) that replace the original coil springs
  • Choice of 2 inflation/ deflation systems with in cab adjustment

It is ideal for:
  • Slide-On Campers
  • Tradesmen
  • Service Vehicles

  • Load rating is 1.4 tonne per bag (2.8 tonne)
    • This is far in excess of the manufacturers recommended load rating

On Board Inflation/ Deflation Kits
These are available in normal or heavy duty.
  • Normal - up to 120 P.S.I.
  • Heavy Duty - up to 150 P.S.I.
The Heavy Duty uses a larger air compressor.
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