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So, you are going camping - great! After all, it is one of the most relaxing and affordable ways for families to enjoy a holiday. By staying in Caravan Parks, you can holiday at the best locations.

CampingCaravan Parks offer excellent accommodation and facilities for enjoyable camping. The sites are very affordable, with the use of a campsite giving you access to all the facilities the Park has to offer. Drinking water is accessible from the site, as well as barbecues, children’s playgrounds and other facilities.

Many Caravan Parks now have camp kitchens. Camp kitchens are covered or enclosed areas where meals can be prepared in comfort. Food preparation areas, sink and water, cooking appliances, seating and washing up areas make preparing and eating meals easy and enjoyable. This gives you more time to explore the region in which you are staying or to pursue other interests such as swimming or fishing.

Camping is permitted on a powered site. You will need a 15 amp lead if you wish to use electrical appliances. Remember, powered or caravan sites are more expensive than a campsite as they have power and water to the site.

Modern camping equipment offers a high degree of comfort and simplicity - with the most important item to be purchased being the tent.

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