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Handy Camping Hints

  • With a little care your newly purchased tent will last many years. Make sure that your tent is dry before storing. If stored wet, mildew will form and quickly ruin your tent. Mildew will also form if a tent is stored on concrete.
  • Try your tent before using it on a holiday. If you don’t do this you may be embarrassed if you cannot put your tent up. When you are trying the tent out, colour code the poles with electrical tape. This will make it easier for future assembly of the tent.
  • Don’t throw away the instructions. Keep a copy with your camping equipment for future reference.
  • Those little creepy crawlies that make camping unpleasant can be overcome by purchasing a tent with a built in floor. Ensure the floor is made of heavy duty material and is well stitched and sealed to the base.
  • Never use insect sprays inside your tent. Their chemical characteristics create a breakdown in the tent’s waterproofing.
  • Never place objects against the inside of your tent when it is wet. This tends to create a flow of water through the canvas to the inside of the tent.
  • Be extremely careful when using gas equipment inside a tent. Ensure all cooking and lighting equipment is a safe distance from the tent wall and cannot be dislodged by children.

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