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Endless Air Compressors
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Details for Endless Air Compressors

Endless compressed air up to 200 psi, at a massive 8 cu ft/min is now available from the engine in your 4x4, tractor, truck, boat or trades ute. In fact anywhere your petrol, diesel or LPG engine is!

Endless Air compressors use proven auto air conditioner technology to provide an extremely strong, versatile, and cost effective unit designed to run off the fan belt from your engine. The volume of air and rate of delivery will astound you - you will not have seen or used anything like this before. You will be amazed by the strength and power of this unit, take a look at the facts:

12V compressor
'Brand R' Endless Air
CFM @ 100psi 0.27 0.56 8.0
Time * 15 mins 5 mins 55 seconds
Dust Seal No Yes Yes

* 2000rpm - Tests conducted by Kareela Engineering Melbourne

- 4x4 tyre 10.5 x 15" (flat to 30 psi in 55 seconds - top up 15lb to 30lb in 25 seconds) - 175 x 14" car tyre (flat to 30 psi in 25 seconds) E & OE

Forget your toy compressor - get yourself a real one!


The Endless Air compressor blitzes all the 'toy' compressors you have used before. This will deliver up to 200 psi at 8 cu ft/min, which in real terms is equivalent to the rate and ease at which you get air from your local service station or workshop. You will be able to pump up a flat car tyre in 25 seconds, fill your 4x4 tyre in 55 seconds; or just top up your tyres after sand driving in just 25 seconds.

Use your Endless Air compressor to run air operated diff locks, spray guns, air tools, air beds or inflatable boats, even a nail gun or impact wrench! The choice is yours.


Whatever, wherever your needs may be - for work, pleasure, or bush survival. Endless Air compressors work anywhere your engine does!


We use highest quality, remanufactured components to build a first class product that will perform better than anything you have used before.

We unconditionally guarantee to provide a free replacement within 12 months from date of purchase, if due to faulty parts or workmanship.

We have supplied many compressors over the past four years to a wide range of customers, for example:

  • Safe Trek 4WD Brunswick
  • RACV Road Service
  • BTS Towing
  • Victorian Air Suspension
  • and many others


Endless Air compressor is permanently connected to your engine. It is driven by your fan belt, and incorporates an electric clutch. Consequently, it is only operating when you switch it on (from inside the vehicle) and there is no power loss or increased fuel consumption when not in use. Draws minimal power when operating.


  • Toyota Landcruiser
  • Nissan Patrol
  • Rodeo 4 cylinder
  • Rodeo V6
  • Pajero 2.8 diesel
  • Other 4WD makes and models
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About Endlessair Compressors. products

Endless Air uses proven auto air conditioner technology to provide an extremely strong, versatile, and cost effective units.

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