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Dynamica Winch Rope
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Details for Dynamica Winch Rope

Dynamica Rope is made from the world’s strongest fibre – Dyneema. Now available in Australia, Dynamica can be fitted to all popular brands of winches.

It is ideal for use in 4WD competitions or in recreational or commercial applications, such as:

  • Lifting
  • Mooring (marine craft)
  • Towing
  • Fisheries
  • Offshore applications

Dynamica Rope has the following benefits:

  • 20% stronger than steel wire of the same diameter
  • Less than one tenth the weight of steel wire
  • The rope has natural buoyancy - so light it floats
  • Made from Dyneema, one of the world’s strongest fibres
  • Dyneema has a very low elongation (2 - 3% at break)
  • Stores very little energy and therefore has very little backlash
  • Excellent UV stability
  • Easy to join or splice
  • Abrasion resistant (five times better than polyester)
Breaking strength in tonnes at splice
8mm6.6 tonne
10mm8.5 tonne
12mm16.0 tonne

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