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Dynamica Fairlead
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Dynamica Winch Rope have released new fairleads for electric winches.

They have a machined alloy (hawse) fairlead that is made specifically for use with Dynamica’s synthetic winch rope. It is a practical and affordable unit ideal for heavy duty winching operations.

The alloy hawse is reversible, making it exceptionally practical and good value for money. Email or call 4WD World now for current pricing of this quality unit.

The other fairlead product is a set of neoprene winch rollers which fit all popular roller fairleads such as Warn, Superwinch, Premier and others. These will not rust and are ideal for both steel or synthetic winch cable.
They do not require any lubrication and are a practical and affordable way of renewing/replacing the fairlead on most 12V electric winches.

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