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Camping Accessories

Some camping accessories are required to make your holiday more enjoyable.


A quality sleeping bag, combined with a ground mat, stretcher or air mattress will enable you to have a good night’s sleep. Remember, if using an air mattress, buy a suitable pump. It could be an exhausting holiday if you have to blow up the family’s air mattresses!


The most common types of cooking equipment are gas appliances.

A two burner stove and a hotplate will suit the average family. Most camping areas also have gas and/or wood BBQs. If you are staying on a powered site, remember to take a 15 amp power lead and a power board. This enables electrical appliances to be taken away, making cooking easier and cheaper!

However, always be safety conscious. Use gas with caution and ensure it is switched off after use. If gas lights are used, make sure they are not near the walls of the tent. Also, if using power, ensure the leads are not near water.


A quality esky will keep food fresh and drinks cool. The esky is cooled by ice. Ice can normally be purchased at the Caravan Park in which you are staying. The ice will need to be replaced daily.

An alternative to the esky is a portable refrigerator. These can operate from a LPG source, 240 volt outlet or from a 12 volt DC supply. If you are a regular camper, you will find them more convenience than using an esky.


Comfortable chairs and a table for food preparation and serving will make your holiday more relaxing and enjoyable.

We all go on holidays for relaxation and recreation. Take plenty of things for the family to do. Swimming and fishing, bike riding and bushwalking are just some of the activities you could prepare for. With kids, don’t forget to take games, activity books and so on.

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