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Camper trailers and tent trailers are a comfortable and practical way to tour. They are a combination between a modern caravan and a luxury tent. Their internal inclusions vary from those found in modern caravans.

Camper trailers are units which most closely resemble a caravan in terms of comfort and the level of inclusions. They differ from caravans by having a large canvas section between the base of the camper and the roof. This creates a very compact unit for touring and storage. They are ideal for families or touring couples as the double beds at each end of the trailer provide plenty of bed space.

Once on a site, the camper trailer roof is raised by means of a winding mechanism - or on older units an external lever system. A double bed extension is then released from each end of the trailer and locked into position, with the canvas extended over the sleeping sections. The canvas section contains numerous windows to provide light and airflow to help ensure a comfortable stay.

Camper trailers can be fully set up in less than 15 minutes. They offer large living and sleeping areas and provide plenty of cupboard storage. They are fitted with cooking appliances and a refrigerator as well as a dinette and comfortable seating. The appliances can be operated on either LPG gas or a 240 volt system.

When staying in a caravan park, camper trailers or tent trailers can be positioned on a camp site if you wish. Remember, these sites do not have direct access to power and water - you would have to use LPG gas and water from the trailer’s tank, or carry your own containers of water and refill them at the park as required.

However, as most of these trailers are set up to operate on a 240 volt system, it would be far more convenient to use a powered site. Also, many trailers have a pressurised water system - they can attach directly to the tap on site to provide a constant flow of fresh water.

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