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Bilstein Shock Absorbers
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Details for Bilstein Shock Absorbers

BILSTEIN are regarded as the ultimate in shock absorbers. Made in Germany, they feature mono tube gas construction and heavy duty components and the highest quality design features.

Bilstein shock absorbers give a superior ride and dampen the effects of bumps and dips very effectively. They are ideal for use with leaf springs, coil springs or torsion bars.

The Bilstein product range covers all popular 4WD makes and models and are used by many off road and 4WD safari competitors. They cost more than other popular brands but will outlast them giving better value for money in the long term.

4WD owners should investigate Bilsteins when looking for the ultimate in ride quality, vehicle handling and performance.

It was BILSTEIN engineers and technicians who, together with Daimler-Benz, developed the BILSTEIN gas pressure shock absorber in the fifties up to the point where it was ripe for mass production. Countless racing and rally successes continually serve to prove the quality and performance of the BILSTEIN shock absorber. Not only today, but also in the future, BILSTEIN specialists are and will be at the places where it all happens.

Through the use of the BILSTEIN motorsport service bus - the mobile service station - important information and data are collected, analysed and the results immediately channelled into the development of new components and detailed solutions to suspension problems. This imaginative research and development found its innovative climax in the application of electrically adjustable BILSTEIN shock absorbers on the new Porsche 959.

Use BILSTEIN for everyday motoring.

Enjoy the perfect ride with BILSTEIN.

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About Bilstein products

BILSTEIN'S engineers develop suspension systems for sheer driving enjoyment using superior technology

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